- Welcome to WWW 2019 -

We are happy to announce that the WWW2019 will be held on June 27-29, 2019 in Marseille, southern France. 

As in the previous editions, the workshop aims at bringing together researchers of various disciplines such as cognitive neuropsychology, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, interested in written language production through handwriting or typing. The format of the communications is meant to foster discussions on both the theoretical and methodological approaches of writing and spelling.

 Previous edition: 2017 Writing Word(s) Workshop, Bristol

You can submit your abstract (Presenting author, Title, List of authors with affiliation(s), 200-300 words) before February 15. The registrations will be open by March 15.


You have to create an account on sciencesconf prior to submitting your abstract.

You will be invited to choose between :
- an oral presentation (20 minutes + 10 minutes discussion) 
- a poster presentation (A0, portrait)
- a contribution to a methodological session session (1 hour tutorial)



The workshop will be held at the Pharo Palace, which overlooks the sea and is located just next to the “Vieux Port” (see venue).


Keynote Lecture

Gordon Logan (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA)

Title: Automatic control:  How to type without thinking



Experts act without thinking because their skill is hierarchical.  A single conscious thought automatically produces a series of lower-level actions without top-down monitoring.  I will present a theory that explains how automatic control is possible in skilled typing, where thinking of a word automatically produces a rapid series of keystrokes.  The theory assumes that keystrokes are selected by a context retrieval process that matches the current context to stored contexts and retrieves the key associated with the best match.  The current context is generated by the typist’s own actions.  It represents the goal (“type DOGS”) and the motor commands for the keys struck so far.  Top-down control is necessary to start typing.  It sets the goal in the current context, which initiates the retrieval and updating processes, which continue without top-down control until the word is finished. The theory extends to other sequential skills, like texting or playing music.  It provides new insights into mechanisms of serial order in typing, speaking, and serial recall.


- Tourism information -

Marseille is a city located on the Mediterranean coast, very pleasant in June.

Here are a some links if you want to know more about our fancy city.


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